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The London Chamber of Commerce partners with Kaleida to support representation

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

We are thrilled to formally announce Kaleida International's Partnership with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Liz Henderson, Director, at LCCI, said:

“Representation matters and as part of our strategic agenda we are always looking for ways to help support revenue generation for marginalised members of our business communities. So, we are delighted to announce our new partnership with Kaleida International, a fully-inclusive B2B marketplace for tenders. Suppliers who join the Kaleida platform gain access to thousands of tenders worth billions of pounds in seconds.”

Jason Roberts, CEO, Kaleida International, said:

“Corporate Buyers who diversify their supply chain know that this is not just the ethical thing to do, they know that it makes great commercial sense too.

So we are thrilled to be official partners to the London Chamber of Commerce as we drive more commercial opportunities to its members, and under-represented company owners enabling economic growth and development.”

The LCCI is London’s key hub for the business community, and they support their members’ businesses through providing a range of services and products, create connections and advocate on behalf of London’s business community.

We want to thank Liz Henderson, Director of Membership and Events, who said "...we are always looking for ways to help support revenue generation for marginalised members..." for her vision, and seeing value in partnering with Kaleida International.

Liz, and her team, including Menelik Shillingford, do a tremendous job supporting small businesses and I couldn't be more thrilled for our organisations.

See links below for the full press release, or visit our web site, and please join me in celebrating this fantastic new partnership.

LCCI Members can access 25% off Kaleida's monthly subscription. Usually £47/month, now only £35.25/month.

Log in to your Members' Zone to access your Members' discount coupon code.

About Us

"Finding Diverse Suppliers is time-consuming as the process today involves researching against multiple databases."

Founded in 2019, Kaleida International is a B2B marketplace for Tenders connecting Buyers to Suppliers, and Diverse Suppliers. With a focus on helping the Chief Procurement Office achieve its ESG goals, and alerting companies to new revenue opportunities, Kaleida's fully-inclusive platform helps Buyers find, identify and assess Diverse Suppliers they can invite to Tender.

In 2023 Kaleida will publish £800b in both Public and Private sector tenders for suppliers, and Diverse suppliers to apply to. By increasing access to commercial opportunity, we believe we can drive equality through providing access to economic parity.

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