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12th April 2021

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Kaleida appoints Daniel Cameron as Non-executive Director

Kaleida International is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Cameron as Non-executive Director, with immediate effect.

12 April 2021 – Kaleida International is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Cameron as Non-executive Director, with immediate effect. 

Dan is a Chief Procurement Officer adept at delivering change and digital transformation in international organisations across a range of sectors. 


Jason Roberts, CEO said:
“Today I am pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Cameron as our Non-executive Director. Dan brings a host of invaluable skills to the Board and will add tremendous value to our purpose.

Kaleida connects Procurement Buyers to B2B Suppliers and Diverse Suppliers and we now face our next phase of growth. 

Dan will be instrumental in insuring we deliver a superior, inclusive Marketplace to support our Clients with their strategic objectives around Supplier Diversity and new revenue generation.”


Please join me in welcoming Dan.

Thank you,

24th Feb 2021

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Kaleida, a new B2B eTendering marketplace, gets detected

detected’s international mark of trust transforms how procurement buyers source trusted suppliers


24 February 2021 – Kaleida International, a leading B2B marketplace for tenders, has partnered with detected and added the company’s functionality to its platform connecting Procurement Buyers to B2B Suppliers. Kaleida makes the private and public sector tender process focused, faster and more effective for everyone, and a core part of this is ensuring both parties mutually trust each other.


Jason Roberts, Founder & CEO of Kaleida International said, “Social media is exactly that, social. Kaleida means business. Like many of our members, I too found that traditional social media platforms were failing my business. Kaleida was created to provide a rewarding, professional space for buyers and suppliers to collaborate without the noise of social media which typically buries business content.


With our strategic focus on innovation discovery for Buyers, revenue generation for Suppliers and providing firms with a global repository of Supplier Diversity data, adding detected’s trust layer streamlines financial due diligence and strengthens confidence on either side of the tender.” 


Kaleida enables procurement and compliance teams within public and private sector organisations to make informed decisions when awarding supplier contracts. It reduces the time taken to assess Suppliers from 4-6 weeks down to a matter of minutes. In one click procurement professionals can access thought leadership, supplier diversity, a firm’s efficacy, and now financial due diligence through the detected integration.


Every company profile on Kaleida now contains detected’s interactive icon. Clicking this brings up the organisation’s business credentials in real-time, enabling Procurement Buyers to instantly assess a B2B Supplier’s suitability for a project.


detected gathers this business information automatically from data sources across the world, standardises it and presents everything in an easy-to-understand format. detected is the only company in the world to surface this insight on a marketplace’s front-end website. 


Liam Chennells, Chief Executive Officer at detected said: “Content published on Kaleida comes from a company not a person, so it is critical that users trust what they see. By verifying each company on Kaleida, we are providing the transparency needed to underpin sustainable, credible partnerships.”

About Detected

detected, the internationally recognised mark of trust for online marketplaces and e-commerce, enables buyers and sellers to trade with confidence.


Buyers find a product, tap the detected icon, review the credentials of the business in real time and purchase confidently. This automated, rapid insight enables marketplaces and businesses to reduce fraud, accelerate trading and grow revenue faster.

Kaleida and detected

About Kaleida


Kaleida,, is the UK’s first interactive, online B2B marketplace for Tenders which expedite the connection of Procurement Buyers to B2B Suppliers, achieved through a combined feed of published Tenders and categorised company posted content.


Content can be liked, shared, and commented on to create valuable and meaningful engagement.


Buyers use Kaleida to discover new vendors, whilst Supplier use Kaleida to find new revenue generating opportunities.

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