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Sales Masterclass

During this 90 minutes Masterclass I will give you the blueprint of my failsafe closing techniques that helped me win millions of pounds in corporate sales, and close large, international clients.

Sales Masterclass (2).jpg

Charting your path to success

This month we invite the legendary business coach, Bayo Igoh to the stage to give founders and entrepreneurs coaching on how to charting their path to success.

Join me as Bayo's insights unlock personal and business growth, making him such a sought-after speaker.

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Supplier Diversity: Blueprint

Join John Lewis Partnership, Coventry Building Society, Zellis, and Landsec for an interactive Zoom session is for Procurement professionals focused on Supplier Diversity, whether they be at the start of their journey, or have a mature programme and looking for ideas on how to develop theirs further.

Supplier Diversity - Blueprint
21st Sept, 11:00hrs

Social Value and Sustainability

Join Alan Stenson, CEO, neutral carbon zone and I, CEO at Kaleida International for a live, interactive webinar, with demo, where we discuss our partnerships and what this means for Social Value and Sustainability programmes.

Kaleida and NCZ Marketing
7th July, 11:00hrs

Sales: The Art of Closing

In this interactive zoom-call format Founder, Jason Roberts, takes us through the best way to close more deals when working with your prospects.

Kaleida - The Art of Closing
19th July, 11:00hrs

Kaleida Live Showcase: Demonstration of new features

In June, we released 17 new features to enhance the user experience of both Buyer and Supplier.

Join this fascinating live event and share your thoughts and views on future developments.

Kaleida - New Features
21st July, 11:00hrs

Generating New Sales Opportunities

In business sales is one of the toughest roles to accomplish yet it is the life-blood of start-ups and businesses across the globe. 

In this interactive session, learn how to build a sustainable pipeline filled with warm prospects to win.

Sales - Generating New Opportunities - FSB
28th July, 11:00hrs

Kaleida Live:

Held on the last Friday day of every other month at 11:00hrs, we will be hosting live, engaging, interactive Supplier sessions, with real-time access to the Kaleida platform.

Special guest for July:

Corporate: G4S

Disabled owned: Thomas Kneale

Kaleida Live - G4S
Last Friday, monthly

Kaleida: Live - Helping Diverse Suppliers find new revenue for 2023

Starting this January, and to be held on the last Friday day of each month at 11:00hrs, we will be hosting live, engaging, interactive Supplier sessions, with real-time access to the Kaleida platform.

Kaleida - New Suppliers
Webinar - 27 Oct

Black History Month Special - Black Owned Businesses.

In this webinar we take a look at the experience of Black Owned Businesses and learn a little more about how un/conscious bias can affect the outcomes and opportunities for black owned businesses.

Kaleida - Black owned
Webinar - 29 Sept

Exclusive is not inclusivity:

How to find Diverse Suppliers.

Password protected

Finding, identifying and assess Diverse Suppliers is the biggest threat to a successful Supplier Diversity program.

In this webinar we will take viewers through how to find Diverse Suppliers and invite them to tender.

Kaleida - Find Diversity showcase
Webinar - 15 Sept

Supplier Diversity - LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses.

In this Webinar I will be joined business owners from the LGBTQ+ community, where we will be talking about Supplier Diversity, the benefits of working with LGBTQ+ owned businesses, and some of the challenges LGBTQ+ owned businesses face.

Kaleida - LGBTQ owned
Webinar - 29 July

Supplier Diversity - The return on diversity in advertising.

In this Webinar I will be joined by Jon Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at System1Group, where we will be talking about the impact Diversity in ‘Advertising’ has on consumer behaviour.

Kaleida - ROI
Webinar - 27 May

Fireside Chat - With 3 Chief Procurement Officers.

Joined by Daniel Cameron, CPO at Quilter, Tig Matthews, CPO at WPP and Rory Lamont, CPO at Hitachi, join us as we discuss Procurement transformation, Supplier Diversity and Sustainability.

Kaleida - Fireside chat
Webinar - 28 April

Supplier Diversity - Women Owned Business.

Joined by a panel of women entrepreneurs & business owners, we discuss women owned business, challenges they encounter and the benefits of working with women owned companies.

Kaleida Woman owned - events.png
Webinar - 31 March

Supplier Diversity - Neurodivergent Owned Business.

Joined by Daniel Brook, Director at Neurodiversity Specialists, we discuss Neurodiversity and Neurodivergent owned businesses.

Kaleida Neurodivergent 1.jpg
Webinar - April

Suppliers - Find Tenders to boost your 2021 pipeline.

In this presentation, learn how Suppliers use Kaleida to find and apply to new Tenders.

An SME and consider the Tender to big? Learn how to invite another firm to join and partner with you.

Kaleida - Differentiate_v1_lr.jpg
Webinar - 24th Feb

Public Sector Procurement: Supplier Diversity

With Government taretting spending £1/£3 of Public Sector Procurement, in this webinar we focus on the importance of Supplier Diversity within the Public Sector.

Kaleida - Supplier Diversity Webinar
Webinar - 25th Feb

Supplier Diversity in Financial Services. 

In this webinar we discuss the Supplier Diversity program's checklist and also how to measure the success of a Supplier Diversity program.

Kaleida - Supplier Diversity Webinar
Webinar - 7th Jan

Get the job!

Sponsored by Kaleida.


In this Masterclass, Jason Roberts, former Head of Sales, and CEO & Founder of Kaleida International, teaches you how to sell yourself during an interview and get the job.

Kaleida - get the job_lr.jpg
Webinar - 13th Jan

Buyers, Find Suppliers to differentiate your customer's experience


Discovering innovative Suppliers can be difficult. And finding Diverse Suppliers by sector is near impossible. Learn how to achieve strategic goals with Kaleida.

Kaleida - Differentiate_lr.jpg
Kaleida Events

Left or Right brain  dominant?

Sales vs Procurement

RECORDED 10th Dec, 11:00 - 11:45

Are you in Sales or Procurement?
The theory is that people are either left-brained or right-brained.
If you're mostly analytical and methodical in your thinking, you're said to be left-brained.
If you tend to be more creative or artistic, you're thought to be right-brained.

But when entering into a Buying/Selling negotiation, does left-brain or right-brain dominance have any influence on the outcome of those negotiations.

Join our Webinar to find out more with a special guest Emma McNally of Achieve Your Greatness Ltd.

Kaleida Left Brain vs Right brain LR onl
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