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"I joined Kaleida to improve my economical outcomes by having access to firms who wanted to buy from diverse business owners like me"

Director, Recruitment, Female owned


Kaleida is for
Suppliers, Diverse owned businesses and their sales & marketing teams

Looking to
Build a strong sales pipeline by maximising their brand exposure, reach and connection to Buyers who want to buy from Diverse owned businesses

So we provide
A single source of the UK’s B2B private and public sector tenders and a platform to target, and connect directly with buyers

Which means they can
Focus their resources into a marketing and business development channel that brings them best return on investment.

Kaleida Inclusivity

Are you an international company registered outside of the UK?

Kaleida is a fully-inclusive, international company, helping Diverse Suppliers from across the globe find new revenue opportunities.

If your company is registered outside of the UK, click the button below to register your company now.

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