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Exclusive is not Inclusive

We lead the way with inclusive Supplier Diversity!

A Supplier Diversity program is a proactive business program which encourages the use of historically underutilised businesses. These programs present an opportunity for Buyers to find competitive bids, discover innovation and effectively deliver on their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)agenda . 

The challenge is finding Diverse Suppliers.

Kaleida is the golden source of data for supplier diversity; a one stop shop for Supplier to Buyer engagement.

To learn more about Supplier Diversity, click below to read our published whitepaper or watch our short video on how to find Diverse Suppliers in Kaleida.




To be the superior platform in the UK dedicated to helping Procurement Buyers find, qualify and invite Suppliers and Diverse Suppliers to Tender.

Finding Diverse Suppliers made easy

How to find diverse suppliers

How to find diverse suppliers

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5 Easy Steps to Supplier Diversity 


Develop a Diverse Supplier development action plan with a strategy, team (including a senior representative) and process, with procedures to support diverse businesses.

5 Benefits to Supplier Diversity 



Discover new Suppliers your usual network misses. These Suppliers offer new, innovative products & services that will differentiate your customer's experience.

Equitable & Inclusive

Use your position of influence to advise firms across the value chain on areas of social equality. E.g. 'Ensure your Supplier's suppliers earn at least a living wage'.

Drives Competition

SMEs and Diverse Suppliers value marquee clients. Firms with a Supplier Diversity program benefit from innovation, value for money and superior customer service.

Supports SMEs

Supplier diversity benefits underrepresented businesses local communities where those businesses are located through job creation, salaries, and tax revenue.

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Opens New Markets

Buying from Diverse Suppliers exposes your business to new market segments. These untapped communities may have great commercial prospect and introduce a new, loyal client base.

For Buyers

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