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A fully-inclusive, B2B Marketplace connecting Buyers to Suppliers, and Diverse Suppliers

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Our Supplier Diversity Programme

A Diverse Supplier is a business at least 51% owned, by: Ethnic minority groups, Women, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, those who are Neurodiverse, Veterans and Disabled Veterans.

To support the economical growth of these Diverse Suppliers, we partner with Corporate Buyers who invest in Supplier Diversity Programmes to address the barriers that have held back Diverse businesses in the past.

To make these Buyers more accessible, and increase the Diverse Supplier's accessibility to their spend, we invite Corporates partners to join Kaleida, and publish their Tenders through the Kaleida B2B platform. 

This helps drive positive change by increasing the Buyer's spend with under-represented groups makes their own spend more diverse.

Ultimately, we know that Buyers want to work with Diverse Suppliers, only the moral and ethical thing to do, it’s also the right financial choice for their business too.

Supplier Diversity FAQ

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Thank you, we look forward to you joining this new B2B experience.

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