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Looking into the Distance

"Finding Diverse Suppliers is time consuming as the process today involves researching against multiple databases"

Head of Supplier Diversity, Financial Services

Kaleida platform

"Kaleida helps Buyers find, identify, assess then invite Diverse Suppliers to Tender, irrespective of their identity within 10 seconds."


Jason Roberts, CEO, Kaleida International


Pursuing new sales revenue, and looking for access to new opportunities.


Effectively communicating your firms message to customers.


Looking to discover, Diverse Suppliers to make credibility based tender awards.


And have a CSR agenda, and a prioritised Environmental Social Governance strategy. 


Kaleida is for
Procurement and compliance teams within UK public, and private sector organisations

Looking to
Make informed tender award decision whilst delivering on the 'Social' agenda of their firm's ESG strategic objectives

So we provide
A single, fully-inclusive platform upon which to access and fully understand the UK’s, and EMEA's SME supply chain

Which means they can
Make procurement decisions with confidence, knowledge and ease.

Kaleida discovery revenue
Kaleida Inclusivity


Supplier Diversity: An ethical decision with economic benefit

Is Supplier Diversity the Next Big Business Trend?

Supplier diversity is one of those terms that you may have heard of, but don’t quite understand yet.

In simple terms, it means having a proactive strategy to promote the use of historically under-utilised businesses in an organisation’s supply chain. 

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts, CEO & Founder
Kaleida International

Hello, and welcome.

Over the years the function of Procurement has grown in strategic importance for ​Corporate entities.

No longer referred to as the 'Purchasing department' today Procurement is fundamental in the delivery of a Firm's ESG agenda which affects staff retention, attracting talent and share price value.

Kaleida supports Buyers in meeting their strategic objectives by improving your firm's accessibility to SMEs and Diverse Suppliers. With a focus on ESG targets we provide the tools to help you find, assess then invite Diverse Suppliers to tender.

I am excited you are here and look forward to learning more about your organisation, and supporting your 'Social' agendas.

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