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Startups and SME: In it together

In tax year 2018/2019 there were 672,890 startups founded in the UK.

That's 1,8434 per day. This year there are, on average, 18,100 searches per month in Google UK for “how to start a business”.

This year, between January and June, a total of 11,120 chain store outlets closed.

Last year when we committed to build the B2B Kaleida platform, we had no idea what the year ahead had in store for us. Who would have thought a world-wide virus would take down economies, ruin lives and decimate global markets.

Thankfully, Kaleida International is now uniquely positioned to help more startups and SMEs thrive in the recovery years ahead by connecting them to Procurement Buyers, but here's how we can all help:

✴ Buy locally -

It may cost more but you'll help little Johnny and Kwame have a lovely Christmas.

✴ Leave reviews -

Spirits are broken. Your positive review can make all the difference to an owner's morale.

✴ Connect the dots -

Where you can network or introduce businesses to each other, your support of the business ecosystem may just see more businesses survive that projected.

Left-brain vs Right-brain:

Procurement vs Sales in a negotiation.

On 25th November, our Webinar focuses on Buyer/Supplier psychology.

Learn how to negotiate but understanding what the other party may be thinking.

Limited spaces available. Click here to register today.

Kaleida International

There are 4 key principles.

1) We have both Public and Private sector tenders.

2) Companies post, People comment.

3) Content is categorised upon submission.

4) Crowd-sourced supply chain insight.

We are leading the way with Supplier Diversity!

Procurement Buyers are looking to smaller more agile businesses with services that the provide them with differentiating customer experience

A Supplier Diversity program is a proactive business program which encourages the use of historically underutilised business.

Such programs present an opportunity for Buying companies to find competitive bids, discovery innovation and contribute to our economy by tapping into underutilised diverse B2B Supplier businesses.

From November 1st 2020, Kaleida International will be allowing Procurement Buyers to search for B2B Suppliers🎯by their diversity🎯.

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