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Greenhouse Gases, remember that?

Greenhouse Gases. Do you remember the term, and what did you think of it at the time vs what your views may be now?

In 1859 the Greenhouse Effect was discovered by Irish physicist John Tyndall.

Today, the evolution of the Greenhouse Effect has become more purposeful under the term ‘Sustainability’ - a much more actionable verb that we can understand and subscribe to.

As a very marketable and adoptable ‘doing word’ the verb, Sustainability feels like something we all do and contribute to individually.

So, by capturing the hearts and minds of the human race we can achieve sustainability especially when we focus on People, Planet, and Profit - the Triple Bottom Line.

With forecasts for the world’s population expected to grow to near 10 billion people by the year 2064 we all have a part to play in a more sustainable future.

Bigger populations mean greater demand on consumerism but if anything was to be learned from the last 2 days of the Sustainability LIVE conference, it’s that it is possible to have a Carbon Positive impact on our world no matter what.

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