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Buyers be aware:

Did you or anyone you know lose their job during lockdown?

Is that individual now being offered jobs on reduced salaries?

I've heard some horror stories.

Candidates being offered 20%-30% less than what they earned pre-covid and due to desperation, having to actually accept these diabolical offers.

I get it. It's an employers market.

But those firms who are recruiting and taking the proverbial, with low salary offers, will onboard staff who will be disengaged, who'll do the bare minimum, and once the market stabilises they'll experience staff turnover, high attrition and loss of IP & expertise.

Don't condemn your own business. Think long term.

🧨 Buyers be aware:

The same can be said for those in Procurement vs Sales.

If Buyers are buying from suppliers and leveraging the market to get high quality products/services at a well-below market rate, you may be damaging relationships that your firm becomes dependent on.

Buy today but think about tomorrow.

Think about the sustainability of your most important assets and relationships.

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