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Are 'noun' Founders right to complain about label when Equity is being offered

My Kaleida business card says CEO & Founder but we are a Black Founded Tech startup. In a world of inequality are ‘noun’ Founders right to complain about labels when Equity is being offered? I recently read a post that disagreed with my perspectives around the (un)conscious bias ‘noun’ Founders experience in the real world. It called for the ‘noun’ to be dropped. 😡 I’m not a ‘noun’ founder. 😡 I’m not a ‘noun’ entrepreneur, the post said. Until there is #equality are ‘noun’ founders right to complain when #equity is being offered? Nouns: • Minority owned • Woman owned • Disabled owned • LGBTQ+ owned • Veteran owned • Neurodiverse owned 🦚 Equality simply means everyone is treated the same exact way, regardless of need or any other individual difference. 🦚Equity, on the other hand, means everyone is provided with what they need to succeed.

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