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Connecting Procurement Buyers to

B2B Suppliers

B2B Marketplace for Tenders

Kaleida is the leading B2B platform that drives commercial benefits for both suppliers and buyers alike, by helping them find new revenue opportunities and partnerships simply and effectively.

Kaleida brings together B2B Suppliers and Procurement Buyers in one place; making the private and public sector Tender award process focused, faster and more effective for everyone.

Companies post content, engage B2B and win new revenue.

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  • Revenue - £100b in Public and Private sector new business tenders.

  • Post - Submit categorised content to market your business. 

  • Noise - Filter out content you do not want to see.

  • Dynamic - Supply chain insight.

  • SME - Joint partner submission on tenders workflow.

"Missing opportunities costs our business money.

We're now made aware, real time, of more opportunities than every before to sell our products service in this difficult market."

Head of Sales, FinTech


Enhance the digital collaboration & relationship building between Buyers and Suppliers.

Get Started

Create your profile and unlock your firm's potential

Create your business profile to engage with Buyers and Suppliers

Get smart by building your profile through targeted and rich content, network with your preferred audience and engage successfully with the B2B Marketplace.

Kaleida Academy

Watch our online training videos on how to be maximise your Kaleida experience?

Whether you're in Sales, Procurement or are a Marketeer, if you would like a 1:1 training session, click here with the request .

Learn how to:

  • Find tenders.

  • Post content.

  • Market your company.

  • Build relationships.

Baby Learning to Walk

"We have our preferred Suppliers list but working with Kaleida has opened up our procurement function to unique, Diverse SME suppliers who provide competitive bidding and offers our clients a differentiating customer experience."

Chief Procurement Officer, Insurance


Rich Content

Reduce the noise and social clutter. Posts are submitted by Companies only

Customised Feed

Customise your feed, filtered by categorised content. See only what you want to see

Categorised Content

All posts are categorised by a set of themes. Quality in, quality out


Provide Compliance with supply/value chain insight

SME Marketplace

Kaleida has over £30bn worth of both Public and Private sector Tenders to apply to

Kaleida Intelligence

Buyers and Suppliers can state who they Buy from/Sell to, to inform buyer desire

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