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Event: Official Launch
Supplier Diversity: Blueprint,
28th Feb, 11:00hrs

Fully-inclusive B2B Marketplace connecting Buyers to Suppliers, and Diverse Suppliers

Female owned, Black owned, Asian owned, Other minority owned, Disabled owned, LGBTQ+ owned, Neurodiverse owned, Service disabled veteran owned, SME, Veteran owned business

Kaleida platform

Kaleida connects Procurement Buyers to B2B Suppliers and Diverse Suppliers through Private and Public sector Tenders

With a strategic focus on providing firms committed to D&I and ESG with a global repository of Supplier Diversity data, supporting innovation discovery for Buyers, and powering revenue generation for Suppliers, Kaleida is a fully-inclusive B2B marketplace connecting Buyers to Suppliers, and Diverse Suppliers.

Are you a...

Business meeting

Woman owned Business

We help women owned businesses sell their services to Corporates so they can grow their firms.

Pride Flag

LGBTQ+ owned Business

LGBTQ+ owned businesses makes sales to corporates without prejudice or discrimination.

Confectionery Shop Owner

Minority owned Business

We help Ethnic owned businesses sell their services to large corporates so they can grow their companies.

Woman with Amputee Using Laptop

Disabled owned Business

Disabled? Sell your product or services to corporates who want to buy from disabled owned companies.

Veteran Memorial Service

Neurodivergent, Veteran,
Social enterprise owned business

Diverse owned business get access to Corporate Buyers so they can sell their offerings.

Kaleida Production Home.jpg

Kaleida allows Procurement to:

Find, Identify, Assess, then Invite Suppliers, and Diverse Suppliers to Tender; irrespective of their diversity.

Reduce the time taken to assess Suppliers from 4-6 weeks down to a matter of minutes

Suppliers and Diverse Suppliers

Kaleida discovery innovation

Find, Identify, Assess, then Invite Diverse Suppliers to Tender

"Missing opportunities costs our business money.

We're now made aware, real time, of more opportunities than ever before to sell our products in this difficult market."

Head of Sales, FinTech

Kaleida discovery revenue

New revenue discovery

Kaleida brings together B2B Suppliers and Procurement Buyers in one place; making the private and public sector Tender award process focused, faster and more effective for everyone.

Buyers use Kaleida to support them deliver on their ESG agenda.
Finding Diverse Suppliers and discovering innovative providers can differentiate their Customer's experience.

Kaleida - the S in ESG
Get Started

Create your profile and unlock your firm's potential

Kaleida Profile Creation

Create your business profile to engage with Buyers and Suppliers

Get smart by building your profile through targeted and rich content, network with your preferred audience and engage successfully with the B2B Marketplace.

Kaleida - Supplier Diversity in FS

Live Webinar

Buyer, and Suppliers can register for our live events. Visit our event library, and register for up-coming events.


"We have our preferred Suppliers list but working with Kaleida has opened up our procurement function to unique, Diverse SME suppliers who provide competitive bidding and offers our clients a differentiating customer experience."

Chief Procurement Officer, Insurance

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