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White people experience discrimination too

White people experience prejudice and discrimination too.

White + LGBTQ+

White + Female

White + Disabled

White + Neurodivergent

White + Veteran

But black people and people of colour experience prejudice and discrimination just because of the colour of there skin.

Black + …nothing else matters.

So where does unconscious bias come from?

How does unconscious bias develop?

And what positive impact can supplier diversity have on society as a whole?

To understand this we must first understand the ‘Single Story’.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie delivered the most incredible Ted Talk back in 2009 on the single story - please go back and watch it.

Essentially, if you only hear one perspective, one point of view, one story teller telling someone else’s story, the audience who consumes that story will begin to believe it’s the only truth.

A singular narrative as opposed to a multitudes of narratives with nuance and context.

White people are understood way more than other races because we will see white gangster, doctors, bin men, politician etc… all shown to us in a spectrum of different ways.

The media, papers, news, books, films up until recently, showed black people only in a very negative way.

The same can be said for those who are disabled, have ADHD, the LGBTQ+ person who was always portrayed as highly sexual caricatures, and so on. All so negative.

This is the basis of unconscious bias.

We’ve come a long way since 2009.

We now see black people as lawyers, not just robbers on the silver screen.

We now play the part of doctors, not just gangsters.

We now see black people living in penthouses, and not just on council estates.

Women are CEOs, the Disabled are innovators Veterans are leaders, and so on.

Supplier Diversity is an extension to a firm’s Diversity & Inclusion programme.

First tackling conscious bias in the workplace before expanding its inclusive efforts into the supply chain.

About Us

"Finding Diverse Suppliers is time-consuming as the process today involves researching against multiple databases."

Founded in 2019, Kaleida International is a B2B marketplace for Tenders connecting Buyers to Suppliers, and Diverse Suppliers. With a focus on helping the Chief Procurement Office achieve its ESG goals, and alerting companies to new revenue opportunities, Kaleida's fully-inclusive platform helps Buyers find, identify and assess Diverse Suppliers they can invite to Tender.

In 2023 Kaleida will publish £600b in both Public and Private sector tenders for suppliers, and Diverse suppliers to apply to. By increasing access to commercial opportunity, we believe we can drive equality through providing access to economic parity.

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