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John Lewis Partnership joins Kaleida

We are delighted to welcome John Lewis Partnership to Kaleida International?

Gary Salterpicco, Procurement Lead at John Lewis Partnership, said:

"Our vision is to become the UK’s most inclusive business, creating a company that supports, reflects and represents the diverse world we live in. We're excited to be piloting Kaleida International, which will help us to find suppliers that continue to encompass a wide breadth of experience, as well as develop opportunities that are open to all."

In a world where D&I is of strategic importance, Diverse Suppliers are asking for more access to revenue generating opportunities to help grow their business, and enable economic equity.

Jason Roberts, CEO, Kaleida International, said:

"Programmes, like the one kicked off today by our newest partner, helps Diverse Suppliers overcome the economic hurdles often experienced by marginalised founders – so we couldn’t be more thrilled."

Supplier Diversity should be inclusive, not exclusive. Our unique ability to connect corporations like John Lewis Partnership with Diverse Suppliers, irrespective of their diversity, is changing the way Buyers find, identify, assess then invite diverse suppliers to Tender.

Please join us in welcoming John Lewis Partnership to Kaleida.

If you would like to be seen by any of our partners, or add opportunities to your sales pipeline, visit Kaleida today and register your business.

About Us

"Finding Diverse Suppliers is time-consuming as the process today involves researching against multiple databases."

Founded in 2019, Kaleida International is a B2B marketplace for Tenders connecting Buyers to Suppliers, and Diverse Suppliers. With a focus on helping the Chief Procurement Office achieve its ESG goals, and alerting companies to new revenue opportunities, Kaleida's fully-inclusive platform helps Buyers find, identify and assess Diverse Suppliers they can invite to Tender.

In 2022 Kaleida will publish £750b in both Public and Private sector tenders for suppliers, and Diverse suppliers to apply to. By increasing access to commercial opportunity, we believe we can drive equality through providing access to economic parity.

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