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Kaleida's Covid-19 response

First & foremost I want to wish you and your loved ones, friends and family good health. Whilst the current pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, Covid-19 has caused much disruption to businesses and impacted sales, prospecting and the supply chain, we remain ever optimistic that we will be stronger as a community once this event has concluded. 

Adversity: Adversity is the birthplace of innovation.

During this time, Kaleida will be observing official Government recommendations and advice.

With that in mind, I am please to provide the following update to our BETA Spring launch.

Kaleida BETA Spring release update:

I am pleased to inform you that our development and Spring release schedule is on track. Later this week/early next week I will be sending communications with an official BETA launch invitation. I will also share insight into the amazing, proprietary features we have built into the platform to help your business be seen without the noise and clutter of social media posts and win new business.

Our pledge: 

The Coronavirus pandemic will hurt us all but we are in this together. We must support each other.

As a demonstration of our commitment to helping businesses, and in particular the SME find opportunities to get their sales pipeline back on track, I have taken the executive decision to lift our paywall and provide access to Kaleida, with access to billions of pounds worth of Private and Public sector tenders for free until our country and economy stabilises. 

If you have any questions during this time I welcome your email. 


Sincerely Yours, 


Jason Roberts, CEO

Kaleida International

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